Storage Tanks
Our tanks at the depot in Jinja have a capacity of over 4 million liters and we intend to increase them to 8 million liters in order to ensure guaranteed supply to our customers at any time.
Distribution Network
Hared Petroleum Limited boasts of a network of several service stations strategically distributed allover Uganda. These offer 24 hours service.
Service Stations
Hared Petroleum Limited takes pride in its extensive network of service stations, featuring numerous locations strategically positioned. Among these is our fuelling station located in Mukono.
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Welcome to HARED Petroleum, where our name signifies more than just a company – it’s a promise. Like the first rains after a parching drought, we bring hope and redemption to those we serve. With a focus on quality, accessibility, and fair pricing, we bridge the gap in the industry by providing clean petroleum products, earthmoving services, infrastructure constructions, and logistics supplies. Experience the difference with HARED – where excellence meets integrity.

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At HARED Petroleum, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just supplying products – it’s about delivering solutions that meet your needs. Explore our comprehensive range of products and services designed to ensure reliability, quality, and value for every customer.